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I am Donya Hafezi Haghani from Terhan/Iran, I am half Iranian and half Bahraini.  I am interested to do activities concerning the women in the middle east. In this regard I had organized some exhibitions which was in Switzerland/ GVA and Germany / Munich with the support of the some international organization.

May main activities is about women, minors and migrants because they are more vulnerable especially in the third world and developing countries. I have seen a lot of things based on my working experience with the United Nation and International Committee of the Red Cross. Therefore, I decided to paint and write reports about all the experiences which I had to show it to other people.

I get much of my inspiration from migrants. I paint with them in mind. My intention is to depict their emotions, struggles and daily life on canvas. Often when it comes to migration, female migrants are the ones who suffer the most as they are more vulnerable and can break under the financial and emotional pressure of the situation but at the same time they are caring and strong, trying to keep the family together. Seeing their suffering, I have always felt the need to find a way to convey their pain and expectations to others, so I started to take photos and draw paintings of them. I have tried to show to the audience how these women feel and that no matter how difficult life gets, they remain strong and caring.

In this series of paintings ” Loss, Resilience and Hope” is a way to show hardships migrant women and children on their journeys and even after they reach safety.